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An Ashita no Nadja Community

Ashita no Nadja
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This is a community dedicated to the anime and manga Ashita no Nadja by Ayumi Yui & Toudou Izumi. It is currently airing in the Phillipines and Italy. ashitanonadja is moderated by selphish. Ashita no Nadja is avaliable for download here.

A B O U T;
Ashita no Nadja is the tale of a young orphan dancer girl named Nadja, who, near her 13th birthday, discovers that her mother may still be alive. However, her uncle, who is about to be "cheated" out of the family fortune because Nadja is the only other heir, plans to steal the locket which is the only proof that she shares their blood.

Nadja then travels throughout Europe, searching for her mother as she performs with the travelling troupe Dandelion--while avoiding those trying to steal her locket and falling in love, too!

R U L E S;
[1] Play nice and respect your fellow fans. There's no need to start wank in the community.
[2] If you are going to post fanfiction, large images, or spoilers, please post it under a lj-cut.
[3] Stay on-topic. This community is dedicated to Ashita no Nadja. I don't want to see posts in the community about anything not related to Ashita no Nadja.
[4] Please read this before joining.

M O D E R A T O R S;
Moderator: selphish
Co-Moderator: tuolumne
Co-Moderator: suzanami

Any coments, complaints, or questions can be directed to the above individuals.

R E L A T E D;
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