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New Member - Need Help

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Apr. 25th, 2010 | 12:08 am
posted by: maximumburst in ashitanonadja

Hello, new member here. After being a fan of Pretty Cure for so long, I decided to watch all of "Ojamajo Doremi". After watching and enjoying all of that, I just feel that I need to watch "Ashita no Nadja" which bridges that one year between Doremi and Precure.

So anyway, I started up these old old torrents for the show and there's some serious seeding problems. That said, I was wondering if someone else out there has Zero-raws' DVD batches for the show and can help seed those torrents. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Pretty Cure

from: gayboi_nuriko
date: May. 1st, 2010 03:16 am (UTC)

Hey, I just had to leave my 2 cents.

I mean no disrespect or anything at all, but I personally have nothing but deep disdain for Pretty Cure, as I see it as nothing more then a cheap, and very blatant rip-off of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, but updated for the kids/teens of 2000+ who've never heard of magical girl anime.

Frankly, Pretty Cure pisses me off to no end, but I've downloaded the series and I'm currently trying to get up the nerve to watch it.

I watched the transformation scene of the 1st episode, and that's what pissed me off and made me see it as being a rip-off of Sailor Moon. The fact they use talking cell-phones was the catalyst, as cell phones were originally used in the Live Action version of Sailor Moon (PGSM).

At the time, it was a novel, unique, and interesting way for the magical girl to transform, but now that other series are using it, I feel, is just stupid.

Again, I apologize to you, especially if you're a huge fan of Pretty Cure, but I will eventually watch the series, and knowing the type of person I am, I will most likely grudgingly admit to liking it a little afterwards.

Keep in mind, I'm not trying to flame, or anger you, and if I have, again, I'm sorry. I just can't stand that some companies can't think of original magical girl anime, and instead copying and updating an old formula.

I realize that there are quite a few "copycat" magical girl anime that have done this to death (Love Angel Wedding Peach comes to mind), but I have also seen Wedding Peach and believe me, I bitched about that series as well, but I also grudgingly admit to liking that series a little bit after giving it a chance and fully seeing the whole series.

So forgive me my rant - I'm just pissed off that Pretty Cure is being hailed as "the NEW Sailor Moon" of 2000.

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